Saturday, July 15, 2017

The July Nightmare

This one is named so because of the incident. I was sitting in the living room at my home in Anand, Gujarat, India. Mom comes in to tell me grandma just got surgery for heart bypass and is brought back to the side room, please go meet her she will feel better. I go in, and see a body deformed due to surgery. Both legs and right hand have bandages dripping in blood, the face has skin torn up and the body has gone all frail and dark skinned. This deformed figure looks at me and keeps staring. I cry to see my grandma as she were and say what did I do wrong? She says nothing, just stay with me. However, mom calls me to the living room. As I go, the deformed figure twists and turns to jump inke. I close the door quickly and try to run to mom but fall on a bed. She says stay away from her. There is my brother and my cousin J in the room. We all 4 scream in terror and fear. End of dream.