Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15th, 2017

I wake up in the Mehrangadh Fort near Jodhpur. Turns out they have started a tram to get to the top. I get there, and I see a Ferris wheel with just one seat. I sit on it, it jumps up to the top. I see a temple of Ganesh and Shiv and Parvati. The seat comes down after a few seconds. The behind of the wheel looks down into an abyss. The front is a small terrace where the tram comes; with a wall that block's the fort's view.

I get a phone call from Dr. Bhatia that somebody is killed and the killer is up there. I try to run down, but have to wait in fear till the tram comes. The tram is dark as well. I come down and meet Dr. Bhatia and other. The police is searching for me to check if I am hurt and ask questions. Dr. Bhatia says I should be able to recognize the guy if I look for him. I go back up with a weapon. I get a call when I reach the top that the police received an anonymous call, most probably the killer that he will surrender, and I had helped him with murder. The fog of suspicion raises. I try to disappear, and I faint on that same terrace on the Ferris wheel. The end.

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