Thursday, November 10, 2016

Somewhere back in time - 1

Dream: I see myself walking by a big mansion. It's something that one would call a posh place to live in, something one would buy if they have earned a shitload of money in life. The weather is all gray and I stare at the place and pass by. Seemed like a posh area in Mumbai, but I wouldn't know. I come near a garden near the house, and it's all big, but only with lawn and trees, no plants. The weather creeps me out, but I keep walking. The street is empty as hell. I walk further. I see a plot of land with a banyan tree in the center, with a Kali temple behind it, and a small dirty restaurant on the left. The banyan tree is covered with offerings of vermillion and red cloth and strings. As I touch the tree, the dream ends with a bright light covering everything.

Twist: I saw something similar on a gray day in USA a month after I saw the dream, however, I didn't find the plot with the temple.

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