Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

My grandpa gifts me a designated marksman rifle and teaches me how to use it. My mom is not happy with it and asks me to return it. But I master it. War breaks out near my house in India. I prepare myself for war.

I am sleeping outside the cleanroom when Prof Balsara comes in and tells me there is a guy leading a QRF who has set up a base in a dairy. I join the formation and defend the enemies but am pushed back as I am the only one alive.

I go to find that guy who supplied ammo for the dairy with whatever intel I have. Since he is leaving in a car, and I am on a bridge, I shoit and throw my bag down. At first, he is alarmed consodering it a bomb, but then looks at it and calls me inside my car amidst all reporters squirming around.

We go to his place. I meet his family who are also a part of this force, his son and daughter in law. We discuss our next step and the dream ends. My last words of the dream were: "Badla zarur liya jayega" meaning "revenge shall be taken".

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