Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

Part 1:I am at home. Tripathi calls me that we have to go out. We take a helicopter and go to an island. He teaches me how to fly it. I do it fine with little trouble. I have to fly back alone but I do not remember why.

Part 2: I am sitting in a big lecture hall like a BAPS cowshed I saw in Bochasan, listening to Dr Nagendra Krishnapura from IITM. However, he has nothing to do with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, I see a research paper with both of their names on it on the stage screen. When the lecture ends, he tells us to improve on our circuit skills by referring to books.

Part 3: I drive to a fort in Rajasthan with Gunjan in a jeep with a bike in it. When I reach there, I am with Trusit at some fort. Gunjan goes to some function near the fort. The fort wall is made of loose stones and is falling on us. We keep running. I get into my jeep which has a bike inside it. I do not know where Trusit is, but I see Prachi and we drive back home. At home in Anand, I find the grandpa has given the house for renting like a motel. I see a family of a 50-something couple with a daughter and a young couple sitting on the diwans. I am reading EFY circuits book, and grandpa comes in and points to something. It was afternoon. The dream ends.

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

My grandpa gifts me a designated marksman rifle and teaches me how to use it. My mom is not happy with it and asks me to return it. But I master it. War breaks out near my house in India. I prepare myself for war.

I am sleeping outside the cleanroom when Prof Balsara comes in and tells me there is a guy leading a QRF who has set up a base in a dairy. I join the formation and defend the enemies but am pushed back as I am the only one alive.

I go to find that guy who supplied ammo for the dairy with whatever intel I have. Since he is leaving in a car, and I am on a bridge, I shoit and throw my bag down. At first, he is alarmed consodering it a bomb, but then looks at it and calls me inside my car amidst all reporters squirming around.

We go to his place. I meet his family who are also a part of this force, his son and daughter in law. We discuss our next step and the dream ends. My last words of the dream were: "Badla zarur liya jayega" meaning "revenge shall be taken".