Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018

I see myself waking up in my apartment with bed bug bites. I am a bit surprised and feel it is real as we did have a few recently. I assume it is a normal day but as I walk out, I am in India at my home. When the door opens, I see my dad’s friend living there and they push me out of the place violently. I have no clue where my family went and the same thing happens whenever I go to another known person’s place. I land up in the middle of a pasture walking down the road. Suddenly, I see a woman that appears and then I see a beer fair pop up out of nowhere. The beautiful woman befriends me and calls me her husband: I have no clue why. We go inside for a movie in a huge tent and take a seat. The woman is surrounded by her friends, but I move out grabbing a beer as I need to take a leak. Along with the leak, I feel like masturbating too. But in doing the deed, another woman comes in to the men’s room. She seems surprised, but seems playful too. We tidy up and she keeps talking. She signals for a shag, but a confused me just comes out and disappears into the night. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 19, 2018

I see myself in an Indian college’s rustic, blue lime walled lecture hall with Dr P and Dr M. I see some Chinese guy come in who wants help. We talk and it’s Dr O’s student who needs an IC done on my shuttle. Dr O comes in as well and he begs for help. End of sequence.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Lone Gangster

I dream myself at my home in India as a guy of age around 20. I see that one of my classmates Juhi at junior college moved in behind our house. All people used to talk well with each other except me. One day, somehow, she gets a wrong hint that I love her. That gets her romantically involved with me, but I am not comfy with it. My mom and aunt like her spending time at my place, but I do not and want to be honest on this, but can’t speak as I am shy and scared of hurting her. It’s night time in this scene and I see no other males in this scene.

The scene shifts to a very broad train coach, rather the end of the coach where apparently there is a temple and a pundit. I ask him to offer prayers for my dad’s soul’s peace ( my dad is alive, not sure why I saw this). The pundit did not seem to deter at the thought but kept talking positively and nicely. I left with a calm mind. I had grown maybe a year or two.

Next scene, I see myself at the age what I am now. Apparently, I have turned into a rich gangster and seems like my dad is alive in this scene, or comes back from the dead. Before, I hear whispers of mom, dad and uncle talking about me and seem worried about why I am shy and single. I don’t care much and go swimming in the pool beyond the porch. There, I see dad and uncle discusses Ming business with other gangsters in the usual robe or bathing suits as we see in the movies. I see myself with a fit body and lots of body hair(in real life I don’t have much body hair, not even facial). I swim far off and hear uncle and a gangster speak about some movie with Hritik Roshan in it ( presuming ZNMD as he seems fun in it).  The pool has enough water to keep me floating just about a few inches from the floor but I swim. I climb out and see dad and others lying in chaise lounges. I say hi and go for my clothes. However I see this beautiful girl in a bikini lying on a lounge behind my dad. I impulsively cup her cheeks with my right hand, look at her as if I am in love, and leave. She seems surprised but intrigued, so are the others. As I go inside in my bathing suit, I see our family business workshop with drill machines and other tools behind this swimming pool scene. People chat about how I should get romantically involved with that girl, but I look at my gold chain in my neck and a few other men who seem like gangster guard’s with guns. We mutually signal each other with respect just like gangsters do and I go inside into the workshop. The end.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The kidnapping nightmare: return of the distorted mind maps, Feb 12, 2018

I am writing a dream after a very long time, but I happen to see them only when I am in trouble or long for an escape in life. I believe that they are my maps of escape from the problem I am facing and is a spiritual renewal for my thought process. I happen to see a particular and sketchy building too often in my dream (roughly 5 times) It is a very large old flat besides a house half its size. The house has a small mud road on its left side and a graveyard at the back. Seems like a hostel, but a very sketchy place to be in Vidyanagar. In the ideal world, you can walk from my house back in India to this place by going straight to the Karamsad road, and crossing it. This place exactly replaces a huge garden there. And in my dreams that I have had, I see myself as a student living there in poverty or as a labourer. This place has been something I would want to stay away from; but this time it went past my fears. Before sleeping, I happened to be denied an internship by my advisor and I am unable to accept my defeat in this.

 Another place is a hill station, where I have seen myself trek and go up a mountain. There is a guest house on the mountain which happens to be exactly as my higher secondary school (RPTP). At the foot of the mountain is my cottage along the road. Across the road is a stream and paddy crops. And this place is always engulfed in gray weather. I’d say all my dreams in the day are covered in gray weather. 

Coming back to topic, I see myself as an airplane steward in a bus ( but I am still a steward) and I am supposed to be a steward especially for the bus driver along with a friend Chintan and one another.We first waited at an airport entry road where cars were waiting and we were supposed to open the doors to let the cars in. However, we were waiting in vain even when they opened remotely. I guess we were just made to stand there. We board the bus and the people and we leave. The bus is crowded and there is no place to sit. I stand while the driver looks at us in vain and disgust. We work 2 shifts in the bad light of the driver and hope to return home. 

When I do, I happen to be calm and serene and am going in an SUV through that mud road, which happens to extend till Nana Bazar (Kirtan’s house; Mohini corner). The driver is Tarak Mehta and in the back seat we have Iyer and Jethalal sitting and bantering. When we are stopped in a crossroad due to traffic, the backseat guys start fighting very loudly and Tarak turns back to make sure all is fine. However, the car rolls on the crossroad and another SUV hits ours. This SUV has a gang of goons in it who happen to hold us down when they see us. We are shocked and don’t know what to do. 

see the leader of these goons, a gangster who also seems like the leader of the dhobi (iron guys) kidnapped my dad and makes my dad run on an exercise bike for quite some hours. Surprisingly, he looks like Saurabh Shukla, but more stronger. I am writing this after I woke up at 2 AM in the night, so I do not know what was he demanding, it slipped my mind. I wanted to either call the police or confront him with a gun, but my uncle was trying to keep as close to my dad to keep an eye on him. We plan to keep in close touch by observing his activities, but to my greatest fear, this building is his place for all the wrongdoings. We observe the gangster’s people’s movements from the mud road across the graveyard. Although I haven’t seen anything paranormal yet, my mind seems to look into that aspect to see what I am missing. Have I done something wrong in my life? Did I hurt someone or did someone hurt me spiritually? Did I miss a celestial attack was homes upon by someone? But I had to save my dad.

The gangster calls to come see me. Before going, I go home to se my uncle and mom and aunt once. My mom doesn’t seem to have moved by this, by aunt and uncle are. This seemed absurd. She said good the man is exercising at the least. Then, I leave for that horrid place and sit for my turn. I put on my headphones and do something on my iPhone. As soon as that bastard comes in to call me, he sprays steam from an iron over me, which gets my attention. I go to see my dad but I woke up then. 

It’s like my mind stitched imaginary places on a real map of the world and I get stuck in those places. Dreams this vivid have always been a sign to something and I have no clue why. I treat them as a spiritual guidance, a solved example like a textbook for real life. I pray these dreams help me find a direction in my complex waking life as well.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The July Nightmare

This one is named so because of the incident. I was sitting in the living room at my home in Anand, Gujarat, India. Mom comes in to tell me grandma just got surgery for heart bypass and is brought back to the side room, please go meet her she will feel better. I go in, and see a body deformed due to surgery. Both legs and right hand have bandages dripping in blood, the face has skin torn up and the body has gone all frail and dark skinned. This deformed figure looks at me and keeps staring. I cry to see my grandma as she were and say what did I do wrong? She says nothing, just stay with me. However, mom calls me to the living room. As I go, the deformed figure twists and turns to jump inke. I close the door quickly and try to run to mom but fall on a bed. She says stay away from her. There is my brother and my cousin J in the room. We all 4 scream in terror and fear. End of dream.

Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017

I was trying to light an incense stick for my morning prayers. The matchstick I used was about to get extinguished. I kindled the flame onto a $10 bill. The embers remained on the note and helped me light my incense stick. End.